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Fund Abortion Care Now!

Your donation to Broward Women's Emergency Fund (BWEF) provides grants to cover costs of surgical or medical abortion care.

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Abortion rights are meaningless without the funds to access safe, legal abortion care.

Broward Women's Emergency Fund (BWEF) has been helping to fund abortion care since 2003.

As a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), BWEF opposes all efforts to restrict abortion rights and is committed to fighting for access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion care, for all women, girls and pregnant folks, regardless of income, race, age, ability, gender identity or immigration status.

Your donation will provide direct financial assistance to people seeking abortion care. Consider a monthly, recurring donation. In one year, your contribution of just $30 a month would cover the cost of a surgical abortion, giving someone in need the same right to choose as those who can afford it.